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Planting Annuals: Liven Your Space with Seasonal Color

May is an exciting month in the landscape industry! There are multiple reasons for this.

The weather is often a warm welcome as the final chills of winter wear off, which means more people are getting outside to update their outdoor living spaces or to have it done for them.

We also begin to experience the truth of this poem: April showers bring May flowers.

And with all the rain we had in April, those flowers are ready to blossom!

Another reason for excitement this month is the pop of color those blossoming flowers provide to the landscaping!

The purples, pinks, reds, yellows, blues and whites set themselves apart from the lush green that began a few weeks ago.

Planting Season for Annuals
May is known as planting season for annuals.

Now, because we live in Ohio, the risk of frost is never guaranteed. If worried about a potential frost or freeze - wait until May 15 or after to plant your annuals, as that is our "frost-free date" in NW Ohio.

There are two main ways to add annuals to your landscaping to enhance the natural beauty in your outdoor living area.

One way to do this is to use pots or containers.

This is one way to control the soil that is best suited for the annuals you choose. It also adds a texture of dimension that sets your pots apart from the rest of the landscaping.

The other way to do this is to plant directly in your landscaping beds.

That seems obvious, I know. It's one of the reasons why we prefer to use mulch instead of decorative stones.

Annuals tend to be tender, and they prefer to have a mulch layer insulating them from the heat and retaining the moisture in the soil.

Let's walk through some techniques to best add that pop of color from your favorite annuals this month!

Planting in Pots

When it comes to planting in pots, there are three main approaches to consider:

  1. Thriller, Filler, Spiller: This technique involves one main plant that is the Thriller, because it stands up above the rest, catching the eye quickly with color and height. The Filler is medium-sized plants that add color and dimension to the pot arrangement, and the Spiller is low-lying plants that tend to spill over the side of the pot.

  2. Monochromatic: If you want to achieve a sleek, modern element, choose plants in the shades of the same color. They blend together with a sense of harmony and elegance that sets your containers apart, yet ties everything together cohesively.

  3. Contrast Colors: You can create visual interest by selecting plants with vibrant colors that set themselves apart from each other within your container. The contrast is what makes them so appealing.

Planting in Landscape Beds

If you choose to plant annuals directly into your landscape beds, you can still capture the elements of dimension and contrast, and still tie it all together.

We recommend choosing a 40-50 square foot area that for a large group planting. Whether it's all one color, or an array of colors that complement each other, it becomes an eye-catching element in your landscaping.

When you plant shorter annuals in front of taller perennials, it becomes the focal point of spring color!

Three Things to Consider with Annuals

Whichever option (or both) you choose when planting your annuals, there are some factors to consider to get the longest life from them.

  1. Quality Soil: Use the highest quality soil mixture that the annuals of choice require.

  2. Proper Drainage: Ensure the container or bed has the proper drainage so the plant's roots don't become waterlogged and begin to rot.

  3. Appropriate Size: Choose the best size pot or space in the landscape bed for what you want to plant. Likewise, choose the best size plants that will provide the best dimension and not overcrowd the others.

As you dive into your planting journey this May, remember to enjoy it and get creative.

Letting your imagination run wild will help you create a fresh outdoor living space that you love and enjoy spending time in.

And that's the goal of it!

Happy planting!


Want our help

adding that pop of color to your landscaping?

and enjoy the beauty of Annuals this month!

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