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Ski Resort Landscape



Our Story

Started in 2016 out of his parent’s home, Philip Hatfield opened  SummitView Landscape and Design.  SummitView began as a small one man business, focusing on small projects, landscape maintenance and lawn care (borrowing his Dad’s lawn mower). In six years the company has grown to 20x the first years sales numbers. SummitView now does large landscape maintenance projects, snow removal, lawn care and design/build. Landscape design, patio installation, retaining walls, water features are just part of the services offered by SummitView. Now  SummitView runs two crews , employing  6 employees during the height of the landscape season with two office staff.

Get to Know Us


Philip Hatfield

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Philip is the Founder/Owner of SummitView. He holds a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture from The Ohio State University and is an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician. Philip manages design and operations for the company as well as running the install division. 


Tabitha Hatfield

Tabitha recently married Philip in October of 2021 and moved to Ohio from Washington State. She will be our new Brand Manager. You may also see her from time to time at your project!


Jacob McDivitt

Jacob is a Foreman for SummitView. His positive attitude, leadership, and willingness to complete every task at a high level make him a joy to have on our Team. Look for him this year on your site, keeping your lawn and landscape beautiful! 


Gabe Golden

Gabe has been with the team since the summer of 2019. He enjoys working outdoors and has been a great addition to our Crew. Gabe enjoys hunting, playing sports with his cousins and is pursuing an Accounting degree.


Zach Golden

Zach started with SummitView in 2020 and has been a pleasure to have on the crew. He's a fast worker and will do his best to leave you with an outstanding outdoor living space. Zach loves playing sports and is working towards finishing his High School diploma.


Keaton Hatfield

Keaton joined the team in 2020 as well. He's excited to work alongside his cousins and the rest of the Crew. In his spare time he enjoys sports and reading. He's a fast learner who is always willing to tackle a task and is a pleasure to have on our Team.


Debbie Hatfield

 When you answer the phone this lovely lady will be there to help you out! Debbie is our Office Manager and helped teach Philip his love of the outdoors. She homeschooled her kids for 18 years and also works part time at a local greenhouse. She enjoys walking, hiking and reading in her spare time.


Doug Hatfield

Doug may work behind the scenes, but his value to the Team can not go unnoticed. The company was born out of his shop in 2016 and he still plays a major role in the company today. Doug assists in material handling as well as equipment maintenance. He enjoys spending time with his family and working outside on his property.

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