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Spring has Sprung!

Ornamental Grasses and Perennials

As you have noticed, plants are beginning to emerge and the winter blues are slowly dying off. This means it's time to begin thinking about cleaning up your landscape beds! Dead plants, stems, and leaves littering your beds not only look unsightly, but could also be unhealthy for your landscape. Spring cleanups allow for the cutting back of perennials and grasses, cleaning up of leaves in the landscape bed and give your planting beds their own spring freshening. Getting rid of the old growth and letting new growth have its time to shine is imperative to a healthy, beautiful garden bed. Perennials are most often cut back about from ground level to 3" above the ground. Ornamental grasses are usually cut back to around 2-6".

Some spring tasks you may want to address in the lawn include pruning your hydrangeas back. Hydrangea paniculata varieties (including Little Lime, Limelight, Quickfire, etc) can have 1/3 of last years growth removed as they bloom on new wood. These hydrangeas are great to plant as they are easy to grow and take little maintenance.

Also it's a great time of the year to begin preparing for a beautiful summer of green grass! When you see the forsythias begin to bloom, it's time to put pre-emergent crabgrass preventer/ spring lawn fertilizer down. Early spring when soil temperature rises to about 55 °F spread the herbicide before it is forecasted to rain but not on wet grass. Rain will wash the pre-emergent into the soil and help prevent crabgrass seeds from germinating.

Needing mulch to brighten up your beds, help reduce weed growth and retain soil moisture?? We have you covered! Call for a quote today!

See you out there!

-The SummitView Crew

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