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Choosing the Right Hardscape Product for your Project

Flagstone steppers leading to a paver patio

Trying to choose the perfect hardscape for your new project? Whether the project is a retaining wall, paver patio or a flagstone walk, there are so many products to choose from! Paver choices range from clay to concrete, tumbled to non-textured, and from small to large. The hardscape industry has such a variety of products and options that it can feel overwhelming to make the correct choice for YOUR project!

Natrual stone sidewalk with a concrete paver border

To start, construct a project budget to decide on what you can afford to spend on your new hardscape. Search the internet for some concept photos to gather ideas for the project's design.

If you need a designer or installer for the project give the Team at SummitView a call. We will be glad to assess your project, provide you a quote and guide you all the way through the process until the installation is complete!

Check out the following hardscape companies' websites for design ideas!



With some time, planning and execution you can have a beautiful hardscape to enjoy in 2019!

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